Joomla 3 Templates Launched. Check Out the First Portion!


The next big thing on the web right now is the newly launched Joomla 3 – the latest version of the revolutionary CMS engine delivering a number of major benefits to web masters. However this post right here is not exactly about Joomla 3 itself. Yes, we’re talking about the latest awesome Joomla 3 templates!

Not only are these puppies right here perfectly compatible with all the perks that Joomla 3 engine has, they’re also fully responsive. And of course it’s absolutely needless to say that Joomla 3 templates you see here are visually stunning design products.


11 Funniest Quotes Made with Instawords App


As any living person out there having access to the Internet you must have heard of Instagram. It’s an iPhone/Android app making you look like a pro photographer. What you may not know is that there’s a huge ecosystem around Instagram and the multimillion army of instafans has its own fashion trends and latest techniques.

One of these trends is posting some clever pieces of text, quotes or jokes as part of the photos on Instagram. That’s exactly what the Instawords app does!


Fresh Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials of 2012


It doesn’t matter how good you are at Photoshop because it is always nice to learn new tricks and techniques for this awesome graphic editor. As the world keeps turning Photoshop industry doesn’t stay one the same place. Day by day we explore more new and interesting Photoshop text effects tutorials. As true web design secret agents we gather all useful information, analyze it and share with you, our dearest audience.


Responsive WordPress Themes Collection


Imagine that world’s two most awesome things have met in something one. It’s like pizza meets tacos! Or beer meets coke! (ok maybe that beer-coke is not the best example, but you get the point)
Now, we know you love WordPress. And as a web design geek you must love all things responsive. We know that too :-) Imagine these two awesome technologies have met in something one. In fact there’s no need to imagine it, because it’s already been done – meet the responsive WordPress themes!


Free iPhone Apps For Web Developers


Have some troubles with your website while you’re enjoing life on Hawaiian beaches? Or you just need to make a quick edit while you’re on the run? Don’t worry!

Your iPhone can solve your problems within a few minutes.You just need to download the ‘right’ iPhone applications. Find out more about what’s ‘right’ for developers on iTunes!


Free Website Template for Business Company


Interested in freebies? Then you will definitely want to check out the free website template we have for you – it’s a clean design made specifically for business companies establishing their web presense.

Also, it has all of the PSD source files included, so it’s a full package that you’ll get. And it’s really 100% free, no strings attached! Go ahead and download the free website template right now!


jQuery Captcha Plugins to Improve Security


Today we would like to present you the following sphere where you can easily use power and simplicity of jQuery technology.

We are glad to share with you a range of jQuery CAPTCHA plugins to protect your website from various bots and other unpleasant things. Here you’ll find various solutions for security plugins powered by jQuery.


Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorials for Web Design Geeks


Have you already used the all new Adobe Photoshop CS6? The entire online world goes crazy about this new photo and graphics editing software and it’s quite understandable. The product’s developers promise to open new world of creative possibilities for you and as far as we know they’re not joking – Photoshop CS6 really does look like a big deal in the design world.

But what you also should have noticed is that there is a lack of good Photoshop CS6 web design tutorials on the web. And, you know what? Here are all of them! Enjoy!


Car Manufacturers Facebook Cover Photos


The car manufacturers have always been very active on Facebook, because hey – that’s a free marketing channel to reach the audience. And of course they were one of the first to adopt these cover images. And they’ve taken several approaches towards that.

The most massive is obviously placing the car image on the cover. But some get creative – go check out the list of photos!


Glorious 4th: Vintage Postcards Inspiration


We’ve gathered original vintage postcards that serve as a great source of inspiration for modern designers. Modern printing industry can learn a lot from these awesome retro postcards because nowadays it is hard to find professionally made and originally designed products like these. Even considering the fact that modern postcard printing is armed with the latest technologies we still state that these tremendous vintage postcards from the early 1900′s are worth paying attention to.



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