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The power of related posts/thumbnails option on WordPress blogs is endless. Thousands of bloggers and web promoters have used this powerful marketing tool to boost their internal traffic, increase number of pageviews and the time spent on the websites. Actually, there are so many various WordPress plugins for related posts functionality on your blog – the only problem is that it is a complicated task to choose the right one. If you want to install such plugin to your blog then we recommend you to go trough our list of these plugins.

Here are the most popular plugins with rich functionality and user-friendly interface. Sometimes we need simple and efficient marketing solution that would work instead of you (sounds more like a dream of a young blogger, huh?). We are not trying to convince you that these related thumbnail WordPress plugins are panacea. No, we just offer you something interesting that you might haven’t seen before.

YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin)


YARPP is one of the top players of its niche and looks like it is not going to lose this fight anytime soon. This plugin is equipped with the powerful set of various functions including templating, caching, RSS feeds support for related posts and of course advanced and versatile algorithm for displaying related posts.

IGIT Related Posts With Thumb Image After Posts


This plugin works by searching title and content matching which is a pretty efficient method used by most of the plugins from this group. TGIT allows to adjust some special settings for the widget window such as related posts number, Display thumb or not, set thumb width and height and select related posts style – Horizontal, Vertical, Simple style.

Related Posts Slider


If you want to show your related posts in a slider or a carousel format you’ll need to install this plugin on your blog. This extension was created to satisfy those aesthetic bloggers that like to blog with style (I hope you know what I mean).

nrelate Related Content


The major advantage of nrelate according to its developers is the unique technology for displaying related posts. Basically this plugin analyzes your website content and displays other related posts from your website, so you shouldn’t worry about adding new posts to the related section.



Thumbie (I must admit that I’ve chosen this plugin mostly because of a cute name). To tell you the truth this one of the most downloaded plugin out of all found by the “related posts” keyword in the WordPress directory. Among its unique features there is the ability to select the number of related posts to be displayed on the articles or on feed, choose to exclude posts from certain categories as well as exclude pages.

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  • Great plugins,

    Just installed WP-Thubmie due to good looking thumbnails, yet gotta edit it a bit.

    Thanks again

    • You’re so welcome Ribice!

  • Good article! Thanks!

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